Fuck The World. You’re Perfect.

Written By K. YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! I'm sorry, but that had to be yelled, in large font, to make sure that everybody was paying attention. This whole goddamned planet has been designed to grind into you all of the ways in which you fail; you're not attractive enough, you're not … Continue reading Fuck The World. You’re Perfect.


What the Hell Does This Size Mean?!

So what am I mad about? Women's clothes. From the arbitrary sizing to the terrible proportions to the lack of functional pockets. Plus size? Hahahaha. You only get a few stores to choose from. On a budget? Fuck you. You have to pay more. Get it? Because you're fat. Every part of the industry is some crazy bullshit that we've all grown so accustomed to that we don't even think to call "Shenanigans" on the whole facade.

Yes Means Yes.

Consent can seem like a confusing, frustrating subject. Basically it just means means that someone needs to have your permission before touching you in a sexual fashion (though in general, please always have consent before touching people. Respect the bubble, please). We've all pretty much agreed that “no means no” and that forcing someone to have sex with you after they have said no is a crime that should be punished. Outside of that, there appears to be some debate and I'd like to take a second to clear a few things up.

How to Woo a Lady (Alternative Title: Winking – How Much is Too Much?)

Written By Troublemaker (the first part was written by K and M, but fuck 'em, I'm claiming this one) Hello, gentle readers. You may call me Troublemaker, as everyone does. I suppose introductions are probably in order, but that's tedious and no one really cares, so you may think of me as K and M's … Continue reading How to Woo a Lady (Alternative Title: Winking – How Much is Too Much?)