Tight Schedule


Written by Key:

It doesn’t seem correct to say my first orgasm was an accident. I think it was very intentional, I just didn’t know what the outcome would be. My intentions were were to rub this part of my body that had felt good before, like when I sat on bike seats or when my ballet tights got pulled up a bit too far. My intentions were to rub this area until my mom got home from work, (about an hour after I got home from school) and see how good I could make myself feel.

It took me some time, but I finally found a comfortable position for optimal reach and I didn’t move from that position for the entire hour. It was no surprise that it felt good, the surprise came when it started to feel great! That hour passed with me touching foreign parts of my body and trying different breathing patterns, until I found the best motion and learned that it felt the most pleasant when I held my breath. And then I heard it – my mom’s car pulling into the driveway. But the build up was so intense that I knew something was about to happen, and with determination, I rubbed vigorously until the back door to the house opened and then… BOOM! Everything felt warm and a rush of pleasure unlike anything I ever felt before pulsed all through my body. I had my first orgasm.

Needless to say, I wanted more of that! The better part of two decades later, I now feel like the master of my own orgasm and I learned how to have many in a row while seeing how many I could have before my mom got home from work. It’s amazing what a girl can do on a tight schedule.


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