Am I Sad Enough, Now?

The way you grieve isn't wrong, it's the way you need to process things and should be dictated only by what is healthy and comfortable for you. But like I said, it can be cathartic sharing your story. So thank you for taking the time to read mine.


Chronically Single

One of the reasons I wanted to write this blog is because when I went to Google to find solidarity with other people in my situation... I didn't find anything. That was kind of a sucker punch to the gut, having that validation that yes, I am as strange as I secretly suspected. So for anyone out there who has had the same experiences, this is for you. You are not alone.

Yes Means Yes.

Consent can seem like a confusing, frustrating subject. Basically it just means means that someone needs to have your permission before touching you in a sexual fashion (though in general, please always have consent before touching people. Respect the bubble, please). We've all pretty much agreed that “no means no” and that forcing someone to have sex with you after they have said no is a crime that should be punished. Outside of that, there appears to be some debate and I'd like to take a second to clear a few things up.